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Hybrid Program Information and FAQ

LISA Academy Arkansas Hybrid School was founded in 2021 to serve students K-12 across Arkansas. The LISA Hybrid School incorporates a combination of virtual instruction and onsite intervention/enrichment.  Students’ academic instruction will be provided using a nationally recognized online curriculum, supported by LISA Academy teachers and administration.



Students enrolled in this school will be required to attend onsite for approximately a half-day at least every other week at one of our Campus Learning Centers in Rogers, Little Rock, or Jonesboro for interaction with Hybrid School programs and activities.


The onsite component will include intervention/enrichment in core subjects as well as the opportunity to participate in extracurricular activities, such as clubs and sports. In addition, students will attend onsite for required testing several times each year.  Students will be equipped with all needed educational technology and materials. To learn more about our innovative Hybrid Model, check out this video interview of our administration team .

Q - What makes the LISA Hybrid model unique? 
As the term Hybrid schooling refers to “blended learning” students get an opportunity to have a combination of both traditional school attendance with home instruction. This unique model for the state provides flexibility for families, allows for technology-integrated education that teaching 21st century skills to students in Arkansas, and provides Social/Emotional support that is not available in all-virtual model.
Digital curriculum through FlexPoint Education Cloud will be taught by LISA teachers. Students will come to one of our campus learning centers across the state several times a month for academic intervention, enrichment, and periodic testing with access to our Makerspace and after school club opportunities. 


Q - How often will students have to attend onsite at a Learning Center and what will that involve?

A - Students will be required to spend approximately one half-day at a Learning Center (see below) every other week for academic intervention and enrichment, and to meet face-to-face with teachers. Additionally, students will be required to attend onsite for required testing 3-4 times per year. Students will be encouraged to attend more frequently and to participate in extracurricular clubs and other activities on campus.



Q - What are the residency requirements for attending the school? 

A -The only residency requirement for enrollment in the school is proof of Arkansas residency.


Q - How much does it cost to attend? 

A -As public charter schools, LISA Academy schools do not charge any tuition for attending. See below for more information regarding our Hybrid Family Internet Support Plan.

Q - Are students required to take admission tests to be admitted? 

A - There is no testing required to qualify for attendance. LISA Academy Schools are open enrollment public charter schools, and as such allow any student to attend as long as they are Arkansas residents.  If the number of applicants exceeds the number of slots available, a random lottery is used to select students who will be offered admission.


Q - Will students be allowed to participate in sports and extracurricular activities? 

A - Students enrolled in the hybrid school will be allowed to participate in extracurricular activities that are available at the Learning Center, along with onsite students.


Q - Can current LISA Academy students attend the new Hybrid School?
A - Yes, current LISA Academy students can complete the Transfer Request Form to transfer located on the Admission section of our district website. Please note all pertinent submission deadlines. 
Beginning in the 2023-24 school year, LISA Academy Public Charter Schools will proudly offer Internet Support funds to all of our LISA Academy Arkansas Hybrid School families by providing $300 per year per family to ensure reliable internet access.

As LISA Academy Arkansas Hybrid school’s primary mode of instruction is online, access to reliable internet connection is imperative to a student's academic success. Upon enrollment, LISA will hold $300 for each Hybrid school family that meets the following terms and conditions:


LISA Academy will provide one total $300 payment per year, per family, provided my scholar has met participation requirements.

Payment will be disbursed in two installments as follows:

  • After the completion of the 1st Quarter, an initial $150 payment shall be issued*

  • After completion of the 3rd Quarter, the remaining $150 payment shall be issued*


*Payment will be provided at the start of quarters two and four pending a minimum 20 days of verified attendance in the preceding quarter.



Click here to view the Student and Parent Presentation for more information.
LISA Administrators explained more about our innovative Hybrid Model in a news segment on KATV in Little Rock. Click here to check it out!
Families interested in learning more about the LISA Academy Hybrid School are invited to give our front office a call at 501-451-4200. Please click here to apply today!